Monday, October 8, 2012

20. Growing up but never old!

This year my birthday was special. For the first time I was in another country on my birthday, I was with my boyfriend in London. I had a nice dinner made by me, Nudelnauflau, a german receipt that my host mother learned me how to make it because I really loved it. The food was delicious.

But also delicious was the cake, that my boyfriend brought me, from my favourite cake and tarts shop Paul. It was some kind of strawberry-cheescake-tart. Also delicious were the cupcakes from one of his friends. I even had an Oreo cupcake. Also we celebrated with champagne, wine and beer.

My sister was in London too before my birthday and her gift was the most adorable spikes and studs Jeffrey Campbell pair of boots. They are my new love, comfy, beautiful, for day and for night. They are something like the Power Puff Girls: sugar, spice and everything nice! Thank you very much sis!

When I cam back to Romania, I celebrated with my girlfriends in a club in Bucharest named Gaia. It was a very nice night. I was quite nervous at the beginning but everything rocked that night. The gift from the girls was a studded bag and bracelet that fitted perfect the boots. Of course on that night I had to wear them.




  1. Love your outfit hon! You look amazing in JC spikes!
    thanks for the love hon, I'm following you now!

  2. Thoughs were great presents! It looks like you had a lot of fun :)

  3. SOunds like a fun day and you look lovely :) Happy belated Birthday! xo akiko
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  4. Happy belated birthday! you look fabulous
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    Thank you so much, hope you have a lovely day

  5. Love the shoes...I have the same.*_*
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  6. great post!

  7. Love your presents so much!! amazing shoes and clutch!!!! i'M 20 TOO!! ;)
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