Thursday, May 23, 2013

New experience

I know it is called "Daily. Or not so Daily M." and I know it hasn't been even monthly, but what I know is that this year was quite a big experience for me.

In October 2013, I applied for Business Club. Business Club is a community of VIP Romania (Voluntari pentru Idei si Proiecte) and it is a NGO. I never thought that it can change the person I used to be.

I was always that kind of person, that always thought that my idea is the best. I never thought about the people around me. I learned the real meaning of being human and to respect the others. Now, I am not afraid to put a question in front of many strangers, I am not afraid to say what I think and I really care about how what I say can influence and affect other people.

I know now, that I don't want to be a vain, superficial person. We can't do anything in this world if we are selfish and a real team can bring you back on the floating line, when you hit the ground. They are there for you and they will always be.

Business Club showed that I have no time to loose and by this time next year, I may have wished ti have started today. Time is precious and I won't wait for luck, because even though I fail, I have to get right back up again, coming back stronger than a powered Pac-Man. And this is what I want to do from now on. It is the only way.

Because I felt in love with Business Club and I feel like the people are my second family, I decided I have to give back something to the people I just love. So I decided to run for the Business Club manager position. Last weekend I had presented my strategy for the next year. I was really anxious and I lost myself in the beginning. Public speaking is my lowest skill. But how else can I improve it than doing it and getting out from my comfort zone?

Now I am still waiting for the result of the manager position, because there are 4 more people that want this position and they are quite a big competition.
I am very anxious and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that next year I will be the manager!

Kisses Nemoi.

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